Sunday, June 3, 2012

Trending: Bows

Lately, I have been noticing that bows are being used as accent pieces everywhere in fashion. From head to toe,literally! I can't go to any of my favorite online shopping sites and not see a hot item adorned with either a dainty, little bow or a big, statement bow, I will admit that I was initially turned off by it but I have seen them be taken from offensive and misplaced to being a cleverly cute focal point of many outfits! Whether it be a shoe, belt, headpiece or even a hairstyle...this trend is surely taking off!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I must say...

I love my hair & I'm so proud because I did it myself!!!In the world of beauty,things can get expensive.Anything I can learn to do on my own,I'm game!LOL!Again,I installed the hair by the u-part wig method so I pretty much remove it & where it how & when I want.This video helped me out so much!Check it out. However,I used a dome cap instead & wig clips to secure vs. sewing around the perimeter.I would suggest a dome cap bc it is more sturdy & durable. Trust,it will not go anywhere!I love this hair.It is super soft & manageable.Minimal shedding through my 2 co-washes (the hair smelled like corn chips.No...really).Definitely not BSS hair,that I love to sniff fresh out the pack.LOL!Other than that,the hair rarely sheds & no tangles so far.It is a light brown,maybe even lighter than a 2,so I have trouble blending with my jet black leave out!But no complaints.I actually love the hair & the color.Get yours here.Thanks Luminous Locks.
Please excuse my shine (lighting)  & eyebrows.;-p

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bear With Me!

Hi dolls!Haven't posted this week but I have been trying to spruce up & personalize my blog bit by bit.While I love to share trends & things that I find,my desire is to actually be the face of my blog.I want to share more of myself rather than being so impersonal. So I am looking forward to posting hauls,outfits & just sharing my life experiences with you guys. I know that these are the type of blogs that I love to follow & seek inspiration from!I will continue to blog as I have been but I just want to throw more personal posts into the mix.Once I am comfortable with it,I plan to share with more people.There is a vision!As for now,I'm just happy to be amongst positivity & women who share common interests!  ;-)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Fashion!

Hey dolls!I like to end the work week with fun weekend wear.I will try to keep this consistent on my blog.I have been a fan of the cutout shoulder and searched all over to find such pieces.I think the look is so classy with just a hint of sex appeal.We all have those times where we want to be tasteful & safe,but still play on our sexy side!Well,here's an option ladies!I managed to find some long sleeve pieces for myself,which I promise to post pictures & more info once I wear them!But I thought I'd share these cute short sleeve blouses I found here!Every one's style is different,but I think anyone could pull this off & truly look like a class act!

Friday the 13th!Be safe & enjoy your weekend,loves!Muahhh!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bags vs. Bundles

Hello ladies!So,I'm still new to the blog world & I must admit,I didn't even think to share my weekend with you guys!:( I definitely will do better in the future.But one thing that I did decide on was that I missed my extensions.I have started a healthy hair care journey for myself so I took a break from the sew-ins.After a lot of research between hair brands & companies, the decision kind of fell in my lap as to what I would install next!I won some virgin Brazilian hair from Luminous Locks in a giveaway via Youtube.Exciting,right?So yea...that will be my project this week.I also plan to create a u-part wig as to keep up with my own hair underneath better. I have worn all types of hair but only recently got into the virgin hair world. Around me, the girls are still raving about remy,which is awesome to grab from your local beauty supply store! I've worn everything from your average BSS hair to the expensive virgin hair & no one has ever been able to determine the difference. It's all about styling & preference. But if you are truly a "weave-head" & want something that is going to last & go through various styles & installs, then drop a little more & find a virgin hair company that fits your needs. As for myself, I'm truly going to settle the bags vs. bundles & decide what I will stock in my hair bag.LOL!More to come...
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Funky Feet Friday

I like things that are different & this shoe is definitely on my to-do list.I can see these dressed up or down.Patterns & print are SO hot in fashion right now.I also find that wedges are more comfortable than your average heel!What better way to kick off the weekend & get your creative fashion juices flowing than with a lovely shoe?Anyone agree?!If so, get them here! TGiF!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Colorblock Craze!

So this trend has been hot for a while now!Have you colorblocked yet?!It's safe to say that this is not a safe trend.You have to get funky & flirty with this one.Mix  & match colors & add a little personality.Fun!Fun!Fun!This trend is definitely one that will always make a statement & you can make it your own!
 Yes!You can even colorblock your manicure!
Anything goes! 
How about these colorblock Giuseppe Zanotti's that were worn by Elle Varner on Black Girls Rock?!
Endless possibilities! ;-)